How to Join The Tennessee Star U.S. Constitution Project


Participation in Polk Foundation’s The Tennessee Star US Constitution Project can happen in three ways

Publishing the Guide

You can buy one or more copies of the pilot project edition of the Tennessee Star Guide to the U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights to study and share secondary school level students you care about.

Alternatively, you may allocate an amount to be used to pay for the books in classroom pilot projects as they develop.

To see more details about the Guide, click here.


Sign up your class to participate

If you are a secondary school educator, you may participate in the pilot project of the Tennessee Star Constitution Project.

Part of being in the pilot project includes receiving a copy of the pilot project edition for each student, and agreeing to participate in the improvement process by suggesting additional content and possibly developing chapter-level course work and questions as we head toward the first edition printing in May of 2018.

To sign up your class, please fill out this form.


Be a Constitution Mentor

If you are an adult who wishes to teach the Guide to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights to secondary school students, you may enroll to become a Constitution Mentor.

As a Constitution Mentor, you will be trained:

  • On the Tennessee Star Guide to The Constitution and the Bill of Rights for Secondary School Students
  • On holding and delivering Tennessee Star Constitution Bee Secondary Student Preparation Sessions
  • How to assist public school teachers, private school teachers, and home school parents in delivering Constitution curriculum in the classroom

Applicants will be asked to fill out a personal information form and may be subject to a background check.

To apply to become a Certified Constitution Mentor, please email us at

Sign up for our next Constitution Mentor Training Session
Saturday, January 6, 2018 from 1 pm to 4 pm


Enroll secondary school students to compete in the next Tennessee Star Constitution Bee, April 28th.

All secondary school students are invited to compete in this exciting event, taking place April 28, 2018, in Williamson County, Tennessee, from 9am- 2pm.

Contestants will be rigorously tested in a fast-moving series of familiar, gameshow-styles challenges that will demonstrate their knowledge and fluency of the events, people, and philosophical underpinnings of the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights based on the Tennessee Star Guide to the US Constitution.

To compete in the Tennessee Star Constitution Bee, click here.




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